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New in 2014–John Marshall: Champion of Justice

August 8, 2013 by Barbara

The John Marshall Foundation is happy to announce the publication of its new biography: John Marshall: Champion of Justice (c) 2014. 

From his boyhood days on the Virginia frontier to his thirty-four years as Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall was a person of intelligence, integrity and vision. He was one of America’s Founding Fathers, and his leadership of the Supreme Court helped make the judiciary the powerful branch of government it is today. In this beautifully illustrated chapter book–written for ages 9 through 14 and young adults–you’ll get to know the man behind the historical figure. You’ll meet John Marshall the boy, soldier, husband, father, lawyer, congressman, community member, ambassador, and Chief Justice. You’ll learn why John Marshall was beloved by those who knew him, and how he became a true Champion of Justice.

This book is available on Amazon.com



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