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A Growing Impact

January 7, 2016 by Barbara

Under the direction of Barbara Schneider, Director of Education, the John Marshall Foundation’s educational impact continues to grow. Here’s a look at educational programming since 2011.

National Teacher Seminars

A three-day seminar was held in 2011 and attended by 35 selected middle-and high-school teachers from around the country.  Over 3,000 students were impacted.

Professional Development Workshops

Seventeen workshops have been conducted for 690 middle- and high-school civics and history teachers, impacting over 58,500 students. These were held in partnership with the Library of Virginia, the Supreme Court and other organizations

Justice in the Classroom

To date, 28 middle and high schools have participated, involving 125 teachers and over 2,500 students.  Sitting judges present on topics such as the Constitution and the role of the judiciary in protecting rights and liberties.

John Marshall Medal in Law Award

This award is given to an outstanding leader who shares John Marshall’s philosophy of the supremacy of the rule of law.  In 2011, over 450 attorneys, judges, and others honored Chief Justice Harry Carrico.

Total Served, 2011-15: 58,500 students, 690 teachers

  • A. H. Hill Middle School
  • Binford Middle School
  • Hanover High School
  • Manchester High School
  • Armstrong High School
  • Henrico High School
  • Meadowbrook High School
  • Atlee High School
  • Hermitage High School
  • Mills Godwin High School
  • Oak Knoll Middle School
  • Benedictine High School
  • Huguenot High School
  • Patrick Henry High School
  • Charles City County High School
  • J.R. Tucker High School
  • Saint Gertrude High School
  • Saint Catherine’s School
  • Charles City County Middle School
  • Lucille M. Brown Middle School
  • James River High School
  • The Steward School
  • Douglas Freeman High School
  • John Marshall High School
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • George Wythe High School
  • Lee-Davis High School
  • Varina High School
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