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Greenough Leads JMF Board on the “Marshall Tour”

January 7, 2016 by Joni Albrecht

Mark Greenough, Tour Supervisor and Historian at the Virginia State Capitol, led members of the JMF Board of Directors and their guests on a special tour of the Capitol October 19, highlighting the “footsteps” of John Marshall. A Marshall scholar, Greenough has professionally portrayed the Great Chief Justice and “Expounder of the Constitution” for more than thirteen years to a wide audience, including two sitting members of the U. S. Supreme Court. The Board enjoyed Greenough’s insight on “cussing cousins” Marshall and Jefferson and his rich narrative of the many paths Marshall cut through the Capitol and its surrounding Square.

Unlike many historical figures, Marshall’s image actually grows brighter upon closer investigation,
says Greenough, who does more than his part to bring the “investigation” to life.

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