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Raising a Glass: JMF Thanks The Madeira Society

January 7, 2016 by Joni Albrecht

The John Marshall Foundation hosted – and toasted – The Madeira Society at The John Marshall House, November 5. The Madeira Society recognizes top donors who make a $1000 or more gift to the JMF unrestricted annual fund. Renowned wine expert Bartholomew Broadbent, credited with reintroducing Madeira to the US in the 1980s, offered a lecture and flight of Madeiras to those who gathered at Marshall’s historic home in Richmond, VA.

Marshall was a big fan of Madeira. As the story goes, at the end of long court sessions, it was customary to end the day with a toast. The supposed rule was they only drank if it were raining. Marshall would send a page to the window to check the weather. If the report came back with sunny skies, Marshall would say, “Our country is so vast, it must be raining somewhere,” and would then proceed to uncork the Madeira and raise a glass.

If you would like information on joining The Madeira Society, please contact Executive Director David King at 804.775.0861, or email him at . . . .

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