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Message from the President

May 10, 2016 by Caroline Smith Parkinson


March 9, 2016, is a day that I would carve on my walking stick, if I knew how to carve a walking stick. The privilege of our time at the Supreme Court as Ted Allen so eloquently put it, was “hitting the moon!” I had only been inside the court one other time and that was to hear my brother, Strother, argue a case, many years ago. Our twenty minutes with Chief Justice Roberts, Judge Roger Gregory, Jeff Rosen and Chilton Varner, VP of the Supreme Court Historical Society, were “over the moon!” The Chief Justice not only invited us to sit on the sofa where John Quincy Adams died, he also was delighted with the Madeira (assuring us it would be used only for official occasions) and to hear about our mission. He even indulged us by taking us into the conference room where the justices deliberate each case. Although we were prohibited from taking a photo in these hallowed quarters, the moment is etched in my mind.

I am sure I speak for the whole board when I express gratitude for the hard work that went into the evening. Thank you to my Marshall cousins, who were able to attend: John Marshall, Henry Stribling, Bee Stribling, Elizabeth and Alana Ross, Richard Smith, Rick Smith, Henry Butler, Anne Hobson Freeman, Tommy Bannock, and many others I did not get to meet. Many thanks to the members of our Board and staff who filled the courtroom alongside numerous friends of the Foundation: Justice Bill Mims, Judge Roger Gregory, Judge Lucretia Carrico, Cheryl Ragsdale, Debra Prillaman, Ted Allen, Tom Kennedy, Kevin Walsh, David King, Barbara Schneider, and Joni Albrecht.

The walking-stick-worthy event provided a high-profile opportunity to recognize the JMF’s mission and to acknowledge the work that supports teachers and engages the students, runs the CLE’s, raises the funds and makes the contacts that result in the partnering, all of which is so vital to our mission. I truly feel that we did a very good job of honoring the legacy of the Great Chief Justice.

With deep regard,

Caroline Smith Parkinson

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