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JMF partners with the National Constitution Center

September 28, 2016 by David King

The John Marshall Foundation is partnering with the National Constitution Center (NCC) in Philadelphia to create a special John Marshall exhibition at the NCC in 2017. “John Marshall: Hidden Hero of American Self-Government” will provide a more expanded understanding of the Great Chief Justice, from “young man of the Revolution, to state legislator, champion of ratification, defender of Washington, envoy to France, congressman, and Secretary of State.” Kevin Walsh, JMF Board Member, is curating the exhibition, which will run from March through September at the NCC. Preservation Virginia and the Virginia Historical Society are providing artifacts from Marshall’s life and career to lend a human touch to the exhibit. The JMF is raising funds to support the exhibition from law firms in Philadelphia, foundations, and other philanthropic sources. JMF intends to send the exhibit “on the road” after the NCC debut, to universities, law schools, and other hosts in the coming years.

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