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The Madeira Society to Raise a Glass and Awareness

September 29, 2016 by Scott Layman

The John Marshall Foundation and Board Member Tad Thompson will host the second annual Madeira Society thank-you reception November 9, 2016, at Tuckahoe Plantation. Taylor Reveley, President, College of William & Mary, will offer “Thoughts on Marshall,” and Lisa Norris, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager of Broadbent Selections will present a Madeira tasting. Named for Marshall’s favorite drink and formed in 2015, The Madeira Society is a group of individuals and corporations who believe in preserving Marshall’s life and legacy and contribute at least $1000 each year to support the JMF’s mission. A gift of $1000 or more will enroll donors in The Madeira Society and reserve two tickets to the reception. The JMF accepts pledges and will send quarterly statements. Join the JMF in raising a glass and awareness of the Great Chief Justice’s role in the founding of our nation. For more information, contact Joni Albrecht at
jalbrecht@johnmarshallfoundation.org. To view current members or support The Maderia Society click here.

It Must Be Raining Somewhere

The Madeira Society is named for the Great Chief Justice’s favorite drink. During John Marshall’s service as Chief Justice (1801-1835), it was customary to end long court sessions with a toast. Marshall presided over this ritual with the “rule” that they would only raise a glass if it were raining. Marshall would send a page to the window to check the weather. If the report came back with clear skies, Marshall would proclaim, “Our domain is so vast, it must be raining somewhere” and proceed to uncork the Madeira.

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