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Message from the President

May 24, 2017 by Scott Layman

Dear Marshall Friends and Family,

The strategic planning effort started last fall under the steady and able guidance of Bryan & Jordan Consulting continues in 2017. A preliminary plan outlines a working vision statement that reflects an exciting broadening of scope and impact:

“By 2026, the John Marshall Foundation will be recognized as the national go-to authority on John Marshall and his remarkable contributions to the separation of powers, federalism, the rule of law, and United States history and government. The John Marshall Foundation will lead the way in the development and presentation of a comprehensive, unified John Marshall experience —including the John Marshall House—as a national focal point for all things Marshall. This will be a peer institution of Montpelier for Madison, Monticello for Jefferson, and Mount Vernon for Washington.”

And these are just the highlights. I provide the lists to illustrate the many ways the Foundation is seeking to advance John Marshall’s legacy to the national level. At the core, each represents a commitment to education. Marshall’s legacy is a living one, a practical one which impacts our lives today. The strategic planning process has pointed us to education, for learners of all ages, as the best way to not only elevate the nation’s understanding of Marshall’s contributions but to honor his impact on our great nation.

I look forward to presenting a finished strategic plan in mid-summer, when the ad-hoc committees studying sustainability, programming, education, governance and personnel conclude their analysis. Thank you for your continued commitment to the work of the John Marshall Foundation.

Immediate Initiatives

under deeper study now by ad-hoc committees

  • Revitalizing the John Marshall Foundation relationship with the John Marshall House and Preservation Virginia
  • Recruiting three to four new Board members
  • Expand Justice in the Classroom to Regions 4, 6 and 7 (Northern VA, Western VA and Southwestern VA)
  • Conducting scholarly lectures related to Marshall
  • Design and present programs for attorneys and judges
  • Continuing to grow annual fundraising

Long Term Goals

  • Transitioning the Board to one of national scope
  • Develop a digital platform as a national resource for John Marshall Design programs for law schools
  • Establish plans for site adjacent to the John Marshall House Hiring full-time staff


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