Justice in the Classroom Program

Justice in the Classroom

The John Marshall Foundation is currently implementing the Justice in the Classroom Program, a nationwide educational program, designed to enhance the teaching of history and civics for our nation’s children.

Article: Expansion Through Partnership and Professional Development

The Justice in the Classroom Program brings Federal and State Judges into Public School classrooms for presentations and discussions with students about the Constitutional foundation of our Nation, our three co-equal branches of government, the rule of law, and the role of the judiciary in preserving the rights and liberties of all citizens. The Program includes the development of a curriculum that is grade-level appropriate and supportive of each State’s articulated standards of learning. The curriculum prepares students for a specific presentation by a judge in the classroom which is carefully guided to assure that the learning objectives are realized. The impact of the student’s encounter with a “real life” judge in their classroom enhances the learning experience for all involved. Judge explaining to students about the U.S. Justice system.Our nation’s judges are well equipped to speak to the students about the meaning, purpose and value of the judicial branch to the student’s own local, state and federal government. Sitting judges bring an element of real-world, concrete practical and first-hand experience with the U.S. system of justice and have a positive impact on the students’ understanding of and appreciation for the public service provided by judges. The participating students also receive guidance and encouragement from the judge as to how to prepare themselves to be wiser citizens, and, ultimately, how best to serve their community in the future, perhaps by becoming public servants themselves. The learning impacts that the John Marshall Foundation is seeking to achieve are:

  • U.S. CONSTITUTION and JUDICIARY SYSTEM An enhanced awareness on the part of the students of the value and importance to them, as citizens, of the U.S. Constitution and the judiciary;
  • EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY An enhanced understanding of the early history and development of an independent judiciary operating under a written Constitution
  • JOHN MARSHALL’S ROLE An improved awareness of, and appreciation for, the critical role played by Chief Justice John Marshall as one of the Nation’s Founding Fathers, a patriot, soldier, statesman, jurist and one of the country’s most important Americans.

For additional information on the Justice in the Classroom Program or to request a judge to visit your classroom, please contact Barbara Schneider at (804) 775-0861 or email us.

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