John Marshall Memorial Park

The John Marshall Memorial Park is located on the North side of Pennsylvania Avenue, nestled between the US District Court and the Canadian Embassy, just across from the National Gallery of Art. The Park is a large space comprising two acres of grass, trees and shrubbery.

The existing park offers a beautiful setting with an open vista from C Street down to Pennsylvania Avenue. A handsome statue of John Marshall is at the far northern edge near C Street. However, the statue is nearly invisible to passersby on Pennsylvania Avenue, and few will ever view the statue or the well worn legend on the side of its pedestal, "John Marshall – Chief Justice of the United States, 1801-1835."

The John Marshall Memorial Park Foundation’s hope is that The Park can be enhanced to welcome visitors with a pleasant and effective "learning and resting experience." An enhancement of The Park is both a wonderful opportunity to show respect for this remarkable man, and to help visitors to the nation’s Capital understand John Marshall’s contributions to America and his role in our history.

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