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John Marshall: In the Opinion Of The Court

Chief Justice John Marshall helped shape the future of our Nation. From his humble beginnings on the Virginia frontier, Marshall served his country in the American Revolutionary War, became a prominent and respected politician, and served for 34 years as Chief Justice of the United States. His wisdom, patriotism, and judicial expertise set an example of justice for the world to follow. Marshall’s leadership cemented the role of the Supreme Court to “say what the law is” as defined by the Constitution. This biographical sketch of The Great Chief Justice John Marshall was produced by the Public Relations and Media Services of Henrico County, Virginia in 2010.

John Marshall: A Tour of His Home

Come along and be a guest in John Marshall’s Richmond home. John Marshall, as portrayed by Mark Greenough, will provide you with a personal tour of his Richmond home and give you important insights about his vision of America and why the house has played such an important role in his life.

John Marshall: Conviction of Duty

The John Marshall Foundation Presents: Conviction of Duty. George Washington and John Marshall make a pivotal decision for America’s future.

John Marshall: The Man & His Legacy

Virginia Chief Justice (1981-2003, now Senior Justice), Harry L. Carrico, spoke Thursday, March 29th in “The Commons” at Westminster Canterbury in Richmond, Virginia, on “The Great Chief Justice, Richmond’s leading citizen, John Marshall”, to an overflow crowd. Lynn Brackenridge, Executive Director of the John Marshall Foundation, introduced Chief Justice Carrico, outlining the Foundation’s mission and sharing famous anecdotes about John Marshall’s life. Senior Justice Carrico presented a complete and compelling overview of John Marshall’s life, giving the audience both an understanding of the man, and of the accomplishments of the longest serving Chief Justice of the United States. Enjoy this live presentation.

John Marshall: Citizen Statesman Jurist

Enjoy a rich visual and audio biography of John Marshall produced by Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Visit the early Marshall historic sites in Fauquier County, Virginia, and listen to commentaries by leading contemporary historians. Video includes scenes from the historic home in Richmond that John Marshall lived in for 45 years.

Marbury v. Madison

Dramatizations of historic decisions from the courtroom of America’s great Chief Justice, John Marshall. Who determines what the Constitution means—what is and is not constitutional?

United States v. Aaron Burr

United States v. Aaron Burr (3rd in a 4 part series). Dramatizations of historic decisions from the courtroom of America’s great Chief Justice, John Marshall.

The XYZ Affair

Check out this hilarious musical rendition of a crucial period in Early American History – when the young nation worked to establish itself on the global stage.